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I am also a writer (not a pro) :) But poetry brings great joy and serenitity to my being. please see the page "writing/poems by trilife"

I am pretty much an open book to those who take the time to ask and care to know me. I am open-minded and feel caring for others ANYONE is a priority in my life.

I don't wanna just ramble about myself but please feel free to ask me anything.
I do not claim to be a person who "knows everything," But I have been delt a few jokers in my life so who know's maybe we can relate! ;0
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Not knowing what to believe, he thought of ways to leave his body. Life was a lie and that was the truth. He trusted his heart and ignored all rest/logic(?). It was all in the mirrors that deflected the eye’s perception. The perceived image was all that was real. A reality of depersonification. Alone in the world he spun out of control, consoling himself in deep reflections of the river that ran through his back yard. A measure of how far he was from where he began. A child trapped in a shell of a old man. He sat perched an hour before dawn. Dawn was the one he waited for that night. His darkest hour. Stabbed by an image of love, his feet peddled the water as drops of red surfaced. And there with her, he would float outside of himself, forever at her side.

First draft—- any/ALL feedback is appreciated! Should I use “Rest” or “Logic” ?

 Here are a few pics from my second week at camp my side activity from the nursing thing :)  See more :) 

 Here are a few pics from my second week at camp my side activity from the nursing thing :)  See more :) 

Saw a Bull Moose hiking in Colorado

Tall (six feet or more), a dark chocolate brown, and certainly less than handsome, the moose has become a favorite of visitors to the Kawuneeche Valley of Rocky Mountain National Park. With its bulbous nose, hump over the shoulder, and a slightly ridiculous looking “bell” or dewlap hanging from the neck, the awkwardly constructed moose is seldom confused with its more populous and elegant cousin the elk.

So I took this picture last summer while I was volunteering as a Student Nurse Intern at a Christian camp… This picture is such a blessing, if you look in the upper right hand corner by the branches you can see the word “LOVE,: Minus the “e”… Last year my Dad, a man who chose to be my dad, passed away from SCA (sudden cardiac arrest). I was laying outside, thinking about him and wondering if he was in heaven… which is why this picture is truly a blessing. 

I am not a fan of SCA, for the name itself “SUDDEN” i.e. Unexpected, didn’t see it coming, wasn’t prepared… AHHHH! :( So it’s been over a year now and I haven’t been overtaken with emotions since his 1 year anniversary… If you have lost someone, I imagine you will understand what I mean when I say.. the pain sneaks up on you…

He left behind his identical Twin, which is yet another blessing! My Uncle is now in HI where my dad lived (as did I for a few years)… I was just looking through all of the pics on FB, and it hit me! At first, I felt emense joy and happiness and felt the life of my dad surviving today… my emotions went from smiles to swelled tears and SOB (shortness of breath)… which is why I am blogging… 

I carry this pain in my heart, which is kind of ironic… My dad died  Passed away from SCA…. but still today so much of his love (which we associate with the heart) fills my heart… i can feel his love… and it provides comfort and then within seconds (and in this verry moment) my heart is pounding!!! It amazes me how his heart essentially, well It did stop beating… and today my heart beats so strong bc of my love for him… Such a painful thing!! (Tears) but then I again think, how blessed I am that his love is so strong and had such and impact that my heart beats for him… 

It hurts so bad you guys!! And rewind a lil over a year ago… you know who I would turn to in this moments… My Dad!! But I can’t and I hate it…I had a friend who also lost her father from a heart attack, and so i know she really could understand… she told me (when I called her crying at the stroke of Midnight on his anniversary)… she said we cry and feel sadness bc we miss them… as if it were a selfish act… I completely get what she was saying and it made sense but sometimes it bothers me… I do not wish to be “selfish” But life isn’t fair… and I hate it… i know this may sound so “immature.” bc yes life isn’t fair and that’s just what life is… but losing a loved one is a different kind of unfair… there is nothing you can do to better it..nothing that can make the pain go away… and Idk… I guess I just needed to rant. So to those of you who took a moment to read this post, let me first say THANK you!! Please feel free to comment below this link! Anything and everything will serve as some way to help me handle these emotions right now. 

So True… I kinda hate it… you can recreate yourself and/or improve, but the past has it’s way of stalking you and blocking your (at least for me) ability to keep you’re vision clear and your mind focused…ooooh I think this has inspired me to write a poems… I have posted 2 which kinda evolve around this very idea… if you    would like to read them please click here… also if you do, I would love to hear some feed back…. you can submit anon if you wish. :) 

So True… I kinda hate it… you can recreate yourself and/or improve, but the past has it’s way of stalking you and blocking your (at least for me) ability to keep you’re vision clear and your mind focused…ooooh I think this has inspired me to write a poems… I have posted 2 which kinda evolve around this very idea… if you    would like to read them please click here… also if you do, I would love to hear some feed back…. you can submit anon if you wish. :) 

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Day 1- Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.

Reality sets in before you’re ready for it to


Better to forget about searching for the





So I make a Calendar for my bro every year. The photos are all by me with quotes  aimed to motivate and inspire him throughout the year. Thought I’d share them with tumblr, but please do not reprint without permission. It may be a little blurry anyway. Thanks Tr-I-Life

What are Dreams if we never reach out and grab them!

For so too many years I was ashamed of this scar. Reflecting back… I am more ashamed that I did not embrace my scar sooner. To date I have had 30+ surgeries on the one leg. I AM LUCKY/BLESSED to be walking on my own limb! Thank you God! So what happened? Well, I was walking home from school when I was 9 years old… I was almost home when I saw a white pick-up truck coming down the road… The driver waved for me to cross…the last thing I remember was covering my head with my arms… I was dragged 25ft down the road beneath the tire. Again, God must have been watching over me… because there was a man working under his car… he saw my body.. I imagine.. essentially flopping beneath the trucks tire… the young man then jumped in front of the truck (that I was under) and waved his arms jumping and yelling for the driver to stop… When the driver stopped he had to back up 3 ft to get off of my body. The doctors told my mom I would be lucky to survive through the next 3 hours and IF I did, they would have to amputate my leg… Fortunately my mom is was not havin’ it.. haha she told the doctor (who said he could fit his whole fist in my knee) to not “touch her daughter!”… My leg was saved… this accident is why I decided to become a nurse… the scar is a reminder that I can and will survive! also, my whole reasoning to become a nurse is to pay it forward…. I may never be so blessed to meet the medical team that saved my life but I hope to help save others… Just thought I’d share a lil something about who I am with my followers. Too often people (including myself) look at their scars and focus on the memory of the pain… Instead, let you scar serve to remind you of the pain you have overcome. 

“I like not being Perfect, it allows me to live my life making the Perfect mistakes; from which I grow and form a better and more I’mperfect me; I imPROvise, my amateur vision through mistakes, Never miss a take; Potentiate the ability to proceed, Given a dream & the potential to succeed;… Live my life as only I can; Perception through the world Eye see; All I got is here and now; Left the wrong to Hear how Right; Checking both ways before I explore, never looking back on a closed door; Forward direction to adore; A backward lesson, Survive a life of guessin’; Not an expert of “Live and learn”; Instead I learn experiences that simply help me live!”-Me (Tr-I-Life)
poems Tr-I-Life

We enter a world we don’t understand

we open our eyes before we take the first step

A life before us, what will be for us

From the moment we feel a bit of strength in our lower limbs

Unable to resist the urge to stand

Courage that stood without cognitive perception

Left to objective reflection

A senseless act of anticipation

a reaction without clear cut rationalization

Sight, a vision, developing realization

Unheard thoughts, we’re here to think of

an attempt to hear the message of love

Emotions that naturally develop

Mention of wings

your arms reach above

Misunderstandings, opportunities you missed

Rightfully, left to operate on nothing more than a wish

a dream, full of insight

Hopeful ambition you refuse to deny

slight chance of imagination

motivation, the arms trying to fly

Through a sky clouded by doubt

Soar through the darkness, find your way out

Searching for answers to what this life is about

Alive and free

choices that matter you can’t freely deprive

Every decision cuts through you like a dull incision

Sharpen your vision

to form all you envision

a blind depiction

of the purpose,

an original proposal

Never disposable

Forever the possible

Still, you can’t help but question just how you shall mark the sentence

Para-phrase, statements quoted inside

Aside from the fear, you feel pride

Proof in the numbers

A shadow outlined

Invested, enlisted from a title

Bullet proof, not a subtle subtitle

Insubordination to a world which tries to defy you of your God give right to create the person you define

An indefinite attempt to resist regret

You are the “A” bc you chose to re-create

resistance, within an instance regret re-forms

In a stance you now see great

without decorations to mask

Face forward, determination’s redesign

A sign from within, redone and borderlined

A silhouette’s debut, defining you life as a silly debate

Life’s battle depended on you

26 every year, I count

the alpha uncategorized

Beta organized, the meaning I CAPITALIZED

The prey to be able

Captured importance

Featured capability arrive present

Present tense, a sense of success

Preceded by a line of events

Against the odds, unbalanced fate determined for even a chance

An achievement, I call Destiny’s Dance.

Distictual ambiguous
Instinctual intelligence
both without relevance
unbound malignancy
taking over unconsciously
approaching nauseously
unfilled proportions
Distracted prophecy
proficient in insignificance
eradicated without diligence
enlightened with brilliance
weighted by resilience
encompassed a silence
enclosed the past
closing in until out-casted
detached seams disposing
ripping until pouring
internal up-roaring
external mourning
marginally emotional bargin’
centrally undercharging
disconnected from the core
corrupted insulation
firing invasion
visions burning flames
extremely flammable
eruption so unimaginable
interrupting the imaginable
fallin to the Bermuda triangle
angel lost at see
Person missing, face unknown
person misunderstood her own
standing on the floor of the ocean
so deep undisturbed by motion
currently deep in ponder
undercover wonder
wandering over the black path beneath
briefly displaced buoyancy
fly ancy (and see) place de-displayed
unorganized arrangement
organ, eyes raged unmet
reaching alarming measures
assuring each and all arms
Security breach
insecurely fall and beseech
wave uplifted
body shifted
washed up-shore
breaking against you til your unsure
above a new shore
painfully un-traced gesture
Pathologically undefeated before
feature (feet your) path be for you
Discouraged mirror review
This is a course to test your courage

Take time to stand and reflect
Things are closer than you detect
Deviations away from how they appear
breakin’ the rear-view mirror
Steer clear
positive charge forward
blessing in disguise
here’s your award
distinguish a wish adored
additionally recognizable
never disposable
dispositions implausible
impossible became the probable
statistically static
Spiritual station
cognitive revelation
Relative spiritual relation
prevailing ship set sail
relation connecting port
important connection as God’s creation
soul ownership exists with blessing
mind no longer second guessing
I guess seconds are never long
My destiny was planned all along