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APGAR is used to assess a newborn at 1 min and 5 min.
If baby was born at 11:25am, you check at 11:26am and 11:30am.


Appearance = skin color (pink, blue, or grey)
Pulse = heart rate
Grimace = reflex irritability / responsiveness
Activity = muscle tone
Respiration = respiratory…

During the IMMEDIATE PP period… What is the priority nursing action? * The NCLEX question is asking for the priority b4 the fundal massage?? but I always through fundal massage was priority?

In regards to NCLEX questions on this topic… should PP assessment/ NSG action go in this order or are these just assessments that must be completed? 

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Can someone explain this to me... A common cause of PPH is UTERINE ATONY… Common causes of ATONY (includes) “Use of Pitocin.”  BUT to Tx Hemorrhage…”Prepare for the administration of Pitocin.” (according to Saunders NCLEX 5th ed)….

What is the rationale behind the administration of Pitocin to Tx PPH d/t Uterine Atony?


A client is experiencing an early postpartum hemorrhage. Which item in the client’s care plan requires revision?

  1. Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter

  2. Fundal massage

  3. Administration of oxytocics

  4. Pad count

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Antenatal laboratory testing revealed a negative rubella antibody for a client admitted to the postpartum unit. Which action takes priority for this client during early puerperium?

1. Rubella counseling and immunization with adult measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine

2. Rubella counseling and immunization with Rho(D) immune gobulin (RhoGAM) vaccine

3. Rubella counseling and immunization with live rubella virus vaccine

4. Rubella counseling and instruction to obtain live rubella virus vaccine during her first postpartum examination

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Thought a funny way to remember “Mongolian Spots.” Of course it does require you to have a Hx of watching the Golden Girls!


Differentiating Hemorrhagic Areas (severe bruising) from Mongolian Spots

  • Blanch the skin with 2 fingers

  • If the skin color blanches, it is Mongolian Spots (blue-brown bruising)

  • If the skin doesn’t blanch, it is petechiae or ecchymosis
  • a
If the central circulation is adequate, the blood supply should return quickly when the skin is blanched with a finger. Blue hands and nails are poor indicator of oxygenation in NB. The nurse should assess the face & mucus membranes for pinkness reflecting adequate oxygenation

Patch of purple-black or blue-black color distributed over coccygeal and sacral regions of infants of African-American or Asian descent. Notmalignant. Resolves in time. Theygradually fade during the first or second year of life. They maybemistaken for bruises and should bedocumented in the NB¶s chart