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Fig. 4. A schematic representation of maternal-fetal nutrient and hormone exchange across the placenta in pregnancy. Glucose, amino acids, and ketones move freely into the fetal circulation, whereas insulin, glucagon, and free fatty acids (FFA) do not. Maternal hyperglycemia and ketosis are thus reflected in the fetal circulation. (Felig P: Body fuel metabolism and diabetes mellitus in pregnancy. Med Clin North Am 61(1):43, 1977)



A nurse is caring for a client who arrived at an emergency department with status asthmaticus.  Based on the documentation note below, the nurse suspects that the client has what abnormality?

Pt. wheezing, RR 44, BP 140/90, P104, T 98.4 F, ABG results show pH 7.52, PaCO2 30 mm HG, HCO3-26 mEq/L and CO2 77 mm Hg.

  1. Respiratory acidosis
  2. Respiratory alkalosis
  3. Metabolic acidosis
  4. Metabolic alkalosis

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Met. Acidosis Mnemonic 

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