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Is there anyone out there who knows anything about writing flash?


I am currently taking an upper level English class,which require us to write a summer each week r/t the assigned reading. After spending endless hour last week trying to fulfill this requirement, I just ran across this document by Columbia University: 

  • The goal of writing a summary of an article, a chapter, or a book is to offer as accurately as possible the full sense of the original, but in a more condensed form. A summary restates the author’s main point, purpose, intent, and supporting details i n your own words.
  • The process of summarizing enables you to better grasp the original, and the result shows the reader that you understand it as well. In addition, the knowledge gained allows you to better analyze and critique the original.
  • First, try to find the main idea in the reading; it’s usually in the first paragraph. Next, skim through the article, glancing at any headings and graphics. Then, read the conclusion. The intent here is both to give yourself a review of the work and t o effectively engage yourself with it.
  • Now go back and read the original text carefully, jotting down notes on or highlighting the important points. Write the central idea and the author’s reasons (purpose and intent) for holding this viewpoint. Note the supporting elements the author uses to explain or back up her/his main information or claim.
  • Make an outline that includes the main idea and the supporting details. Arrange your information in a logical order, for example, most to least important or chronological. Your order need not be the same as that in the original, but keep related suppo rting points together. The way you organize the outline may serve as a model for how you divide and write the essay.
  • Write the summary, making sure to state the author’s name in the first sentence. Present the main idea, followed by the supporting points. The remainder of your summary should focus on how the author supports, defines, and/or illustrates that main ide a. Remember, unless otherwise stated by your instructor, a summary should contain only the author’s views, so try to be as objective as possible.
  • As you revise and edit your summary, compare it to the original and ask yourself questions such as: Have I rephrased the author’s words without changing their meaning? Have I restated the main idea and the supporting points accurately and in my own words?
  • If you are asked to write a critical summary or to include a critique, you may want to ask yourself questions such as: Does the author succeed? How and why or why not? What are the strengths, weaknesses? Why? What did the author do well? Not well? Why?
Another great source for writing in academics is PurdueOWL I first used this sit when learning APA. I refused to by the APA book (it’s all about saving money in college). I have been successful in my APA papers throughout Nursing School. And now, taking an English class, I am using this site for MLA! My English professor said it is one of the best/most reliable internet sources out there… Just wanted to share with you guys! 

Offically made it through the first week. Last night and today I tackled my first English assignment. Doesn’t seem like a huge task… but when you take in consideration that I am the only non-english major in the class, it’s a bit intimidating! I love writing, but writing in academics is so stressful for me. I admit, I am a lil’ OCD about everything I do r/t to school. I blame nursing school for this! Haha! At least I know I am not alone. I do wonder how some nursing student can make it through without dedicating their entire lives to school. Props to them! I don’t get how they do but they do! I also give major props to nursing students who have kids to take care of. Again, how do they do it. I have enough trouble trying to give my cats attention. haha! 2 more weeks before clinical starts.I’m not sure what to expect in the public health rotation. Hopefully it will go well. My only concern is how it will be organized… In med-surg rotations,it’s pretty straight to the point… with supervision, you get to be a nurse. I believe I will miss this. However, I most definitely will NOT miss care-plans! 

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