Hello! Welcome to my tumblr! I am a Nursing student and hope that my Nursing related posts will be helpful to all my fellow student nurses!

I am also a writer (not a pro) :) But poetry brings great joy and serenitity to my being. please see the page "writing/poems by trilife"

I am pretty much an open book to those who take the time to ask and care to know me. I am open-minded and feel caring for others ANYONE is a priority in my life.

I don't wanna just ramble about myself but please feel free to ask me anything.
I do not claim to be a person who "knows everything," But I have been delt a few jokers in my life so who know's maybe we can relate! ;0
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ATTENTION STUDENT NURSES!!!!! If you aren’t aware of evolve online resources… I HIGHLY recommend you check it out! Even if you don’t really have the text book… you can use the online resources for FREE!!!! Enter the student site and create a FREE account! Then go to “Products” and chose the topic you want resources from! These are GREAT FOR CARE PLANS!!!! It will save you HOURS of time trying to create those lovely PPOC! Also if you look through the Med-surg text resources you will find LOTS of images… That’s where I got many of my Patho flow charts which I posted…. You can also create concept maps through the resources… IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS on how to use the resources ASK ME!! I’ll be happy to help!!
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  2. nurse-with-a-smile said: I used the quizzes during med-surg to test myself while studying before tests. Good resource.. thanks for reminding me :)
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